Bank cfo

Company Name:
Peoples Bank & Trust Co.
Dept: Corporate Administration Supervisor's Title: CEO
FLSA Code: EXEMPT HRMD Approval: 09/08/2014
This position will serve in a dual capacity as the Chief Financial Officer and Risk Officer. The CFO establishes, coordinates, and maintains the accounting and financial systems of the Bank, its holding company, affiliates and subsidiaries. The CFO develops relevant policies and procedures related to his area of responsibility. The CFO is responsible for four functional areas including Accounting, Funds Management, Financial Reporting, and Administration. These areas encompass accounting systems, account reconcilement, financial reporting, regulatory reporting, tax compliance, cost accounting, financial analysis, purchasing, risk management, liquidity, a/l management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and ancillary administrative services.
As the Chief Risk Officer this individual will have Overall responsibility for the development and implementation of a detailed business risk management framework. The framework will include risk identification, action planning, mitigation and monitoring practices. The CRO will advise the Board and management on overall corporate governance and best practices in business risk management, ensuring that the Banks risk portfolio is within manageable limits. This includes that the Bank is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and that the Board and management understand the risks and related controls.
The CRO will be responsible to implement an Enterprise Wide Risk Management Program that includes a approved and documented process applied in a strategic setting and across the enterprise. The CRO is responsible to design documentation to identify potential events that may affect the Bank; manage risk to be within the Banks risk appetite, and to provide assurance regarding the achievement of entity objectives.
In addition to the specific duties listed below, the CFO performs all other related duties as assigned. The listed duties will include
Essential Duties:
Applies the principles of Continuous Improvement to study and improve the critical processes within his area of responsibility.
Work with the Cashier to maintain the integrity of the accounting system along with best practices.
Responsible for the timely preparation of fiscal and regulatory financial reports.
Responsible for remaining current on GAAP, regulatory, and tax accounting issues.
Work with senior management in the development of a strategic plan document, budgets and forecasts along with action plan to achieve stated objectives and goals.
Responsible for the preparation, verification, and accuracy of monthly Performance Statements in accordance with agreed upon performance standards.
Responsible for preparation, verification, and accuracy of overall financial reporting in accordance with agreed upon performance standards.
Perform key financial stress tests on a periodic basis. Report results to management and the Board.
Responsible for managing the ALCO process and preparing key reports for the ALCO Committee.
Primary responsibility for cost control through monitoring, challenging, and consulting.
Responsible for negotiating vendor contracts.
Responsible for maintaining the Stakeholder and other performance measurement systems.
Responsible for recommending and maintaining appropriate risk insurance coverage.
Responsible for the accounting system development and reporting of affiliated companies.
Interprets financial reports as to exceptions, variances, trends, etc.
Ability to communicate effectively with external auditors and regulators.
Responsible for supervising the Accounting Business Unit/Financial Reporting Business Unit and the duties in which it performs.
Responsible for supervising the Funds Management activities and work with the ALCO committee in setting policy and associated activities and reports with the investment portfolio.
Performs annual performance reviews and makes salary recommendations.
Provides input on appropriate staffing levels and development while also responsible for making hiring, termination, and disciplinary decisions.
Evaluate current practices and strategic alternative in setting objective and developing mechanisms to monitor and manage related risks to mitigate various risks to assure ongoing business continuity.
Facilitate effective response to interrelated impacts and intergraded responses to multiple risks.
Endure effective reporting and compliance with laws and regulations
Work to create a culture that understands risk and risk-management practices through educational programs and training process for members of the Board, management and entity-wide personnel.
Job Requirements:
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Possesses an in depth knowledge of GAAP and regulatory issues.
Possesses an in depth knowledge of investments and the asset/liability management process.
Demonstrates the ability to understand computer systems.
Possesses a high degree of interpersonal and organizational skills.
Possesses the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
Possesses the ability to supervise and direct the work activity of others.
The CRO must have strong business discipline within the financial, operational, technical and compliance areas as well as a broad business background within other areas of the Bank that include lending and administration.
Strong knowledge of best practices of risk management
Business Acumen
Integrity & Trust
Managing & Measuring Work
Process Management
Drive for Results
Experience Requirements:
o Eight to ten years work experience.
o Five to seven years of bank-related experience, or equivalent
Education/Training Requirements:
Masters Degree, CPA, or CMA, or equivalent work experience.
Maintains job proficiencies and professional licesensure through attendance to periodic seminars, training sessions, and other career enhancing activities.
General Sign-off: The associate is expected to adhere to all company policies and to act as a role model in the adherence to policies.
I have read and understand this explanation and job description.
Signature:_________________________________________________ Date:______________________

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