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## Description
This position is responsible for assisting customers with general Health & Wellness questions and directing customers to the correct place for various product and service offerings that Walgreens provides.
Job Responsibilities
Assist customers with general Health & Wellness (H&W;) navigation and share product knowledge of the Health and Wellness area, including but not limited to, product label differentiation, product indication and basic dosing information. Does not make recommendations.
Greet, listen and probe customers to identify their needs, make them aware of appropriate products or services (auto-fill, express pay and health corner events) and provide warm transfers when necessary.
Act as a contact and provide support for in-store H&W; events. Assist with marketing materials, samples and information.
Provide proper product stocking, facing of end caps and rotation of products in the H&W; area of the store to ensure products are in stock with current dates. Execute against Market Guide and maintain cleanliness of the Healthcare space.
Participate in training to become specialist on store characteristics as defined by business, providing customer service and answering customer questions in regards to the most common disease states, and how Walgreens can help the customer (i.e. Diabetes, Smoking Cessation, heart health, weight management, allergies and pain management).
Act as a knowledgeable resource to answer customer questions about health care services including Take Care, compounding, respiratory therapy, specialty pharmacy, home care services, DME and any other services covered by 1-800-WAG-YESS. Prints materials for patients as needed.
Provide product demonstration on the various healthcare appliances and is knowledgeable about the different product offerings that Walgreens carries in the store and on .
Assist customers with locating Walgreen pharmacy locations to fulfill special needs, such as compounding or solving an out of stock situation.
Help customers locate, navigate, create on-line accounts and order items on terminal.
Provide non-medical health services such as printing out health information per customer requests.
## Qualifications
Basic Qualifications & Interests
High School Diploma or GED
At least 1 year experience working in a retail sales environment that required meeting a defined sales goal or at least 1 year experience promoting/selling Healthcare or Wellness programs/products.
At least 2 years experience communicating both verbally (in phone, one-on-one, to groups) and in writing (emails, letters, reports, presentations) to various levels of employees and external clients.
Experience developing ways of accomplishing goals with little or no supervision, depending on oneself to complete objectives and determining when escalation of issues is necessary.
Basic Internet Explorer skills to include opening a browser, typing in URLs in the correct location, using a search engine, bookmarking a site, navigating using back/forward/stop buttons, and filling out forms online.
Intermediate level keyboarding skills (at least 30 WPM, touch typing, formatting documents, 10-key numeric pad).
Position requires providing all customers with assistance in the aisles, lifting and carrying.
Experience identifying/determining customer needs in order to make customer aware of appropriate service/product.
Must be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English. (Except in Puerto Rico)
Preferred Qualifications & Interests
Prefer bilingual in English and Spanish.
Prefer to have knowledge of how to work a touchscreen device. (e.g., IPad or Samsung Tablet).
Req ID: 015755

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